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Our Technology and Products For You Our innovative and reliable products are being used in 42 countries of the world.
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What is Sustainable Luxury?

We waste by changing our air purifier to air sterilizer and then to ventilation system and
keeping purchasing similar products following the trend. VIRUSKILLER is a multi-product equipped with ‘air purifier,
air sterilizer and ventilation system’. It is a sustainable luxury product of the world.

  • Intake

    The VK Pro continuously draws contaminated air away from the breathing zone in a room by creating a downward airflow, pulling exhaled air away from occupants.

  • Filtration

    The VK Pro’s multi-stage filtration features a pre-filter, granular activated carbon, and dual H14 HEPA filters to remove coarse, fine, and ultrafine particulates and VOCs.

  • Decontamination

    Our patented UV-C Reactor Chamber uses a powerful, safe photochemical process that actively deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria for real-time indoor air hygiene.

  • Air Delivery

    The VK Pro returns air directly to the breathing zone at head height, providing a constant flow of clean air without the delay required for an entire room’s air to be exchanged.

  • Air Ventilation (optional)

    It is very easy installation for flexible use connecting hose. Operation according to CO2 concentration and temperature.

Our Product

  • Hextio Personal Air Purifier and Sterilizer

    Air purifier and sterilizer using UV and photo catalysis.
    Just like an elevator with four mirror walls,
    its repetitive reflection purifies and sterilizes the air ten times more.


    compact & stylish
    super effective
    fully automatic
    cost effective

  • VK AIR Wall-hanging Air Purifier and Sterilizer

    A slim product with no interruption in movement
    in a small place like multi-use facilities
    where many people come and go.
    It produces less noise and removes super-fine
    dust up to 99.995%


    H13 HEPA Filter
    Reactor Chamber
    Carbon Filter

Safety, standard

It has obtained the highest regulatory and compliance certifications.
It complies with the strictest global electricity, release and safety standards.

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Safe future, sustainable world

Our Technology and Products For You

Installation case


Our products are mostly used and installed in hospitals,
medical centers, health centers, universities,
education institutions, public offices, selling facilities,
infant/old people facilities, physical exercise facilities,
research institutes and other multi-use facilities.